George Harrison.

25th February, 1943 - 29th November

Dear George,

Today everything I see remembers to you and I can’t understand how can I miss so much someone who I’ve never knew.

I want you to now, how important you are for me, how much you chaged my live and my whole world and how much I admire you.

You were a model to pursue and even your last words were a message of peace and love for everyone “Love one another

Now, I understand better than ever when you sang “Something in the way she moves attracks me like no other lover…" because Something is the only word wich can describe what have you got to make me feel this way.

When I listen your songs I can’t stop thinking and crying and smiling because I see you through them. They are part of you and you are part of them. So when I see you singing, playing your guitar it’s like everything else doesn’t matter, just music.

I was the whole day thinking of what I should do to honour your memory, finally, I realized the best way to do it is playing your music. So today my guitar will gently weep for you George, I hope you can hear it.

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